Seven Reasons Why I do not Support the FSF
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  1. Stallman condemns close source as immoral but accepts donations from companies that make money from closed source. In his interview with Lunduke after 55:00 you can hear him condemning Bryan as a 'thief' for taking money off his closed source games programs.
  2. The presented arguments for closed source as 'evil' and readable source as a 'right' are frankly silly. I'll deal with this when I have more time.
  3. There has been an attempt to relicense BSD programs under GPL. De Raadt fought for BSD and Eben Moglen (the legal side to the FSF) backed down. Stallman defended the move in public. Appropriating other people's work by copying the code and changing the license is IMO immoral.
  4. I do not support piracy and theft of people's work under any title - the 'right to read' is propaganda. People do have creative rights and taking credit for what other people have done makes you a creep.
  5. I do not support smear campaigns such as Seven Deadly Sins. I don't support online bullying of people who question FSF ideology.
  6. I don't support the FSF when so much of their income ends up in the pockets of lawyers and not with programmers.
  7. I do not support the idea that closed source programmers should be punished by anybody - especially not the government.

As a working programmer I disassociate myself from the FSF and I embrace the creative rights of my fellow programmers over their own work. Though I have no quarrel with the GPL license as such (my library work is BSD), I do not feel any attraction to the FSF, I do not give permission to relicense my work under GPL and I will not assist the FSF in any way.

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