A besetting vice of valuing things only for what we can get out of them; this has been a habit of the civilised mind for centuries. It leads us to see forests in terms of lumber, animals in terms of meat, land in terms of crops, and people in terms of labour.

This attitude of mind has now made its way into the digital medium where consumers demand products at zero price that took great time or money to produce; films, books, programs ....

When we approach life in this manner, seeing everything only in terms of what we can get out of it, careless of the consequences of our craving, we suck dry the resources that sustain us. The forests are felled, desert and scrub take hold, animals go extinct, the land blows away as dust and people die or walk away.

In the creative arts, demanding products to be given away leads to a situation where the creative habitat is destroyed and nothing remains for a next generation. When the creative habitat is destroyed, when nothing remains but to copy the work of an earlier generation, then what was desired has been destroyed in the act of seizing it. This is the nature of the desiring mind, which finally devours even itself after nothing else is left.