When we pick the unripe fruit of a tree, and offer it to strangers they will judge the fruit by what they taste. If the taste is bad, they will think the fruit is bad. If they have never tasted the fruit when it is ripe, they will judge the tree that bears it as worthless - as only good for bad fruit. They will approach with reserve, any person who offers them similar fruit, even if it is free. Even if the fruit becomes ripe, they will avoid it.

The philosophy of 'release early and release often' is a philosophy arising from the picking of unripe fruit; of distributing work that should have remained on the developer's computer. It is a guarantee of acquiring a bad reputation quickly. In most areas of life, attending an interview, giving a live performance, the first date, the initial impressions are important. Often there is no second chance.

Some developers have not learned this. In some cases when people later refuse their fruit, they become angry and shout. They may even throw the fruit and say 'Eat it, it is free!'. Or they may fool themselves into believing that their unripe fruit is delicious. They may even cultivate the sour taste.